virgoqueen7's Journal

How Can Be?
6 September 1982
I moved to Portland 2.5 years ago from the Sacramento area in CA. My two older brothers lived here, and I fell in love with it quickly and knew i needed to be here too.
It's still my goal to eat at every restaurant and gourmet pastry shop here, as well as explore all the wonders of the Portland outdoors.

I spend most of my days working (at home, on a computer...yay) for a non-profit Pediatric Clinic in San Francisco. Sorta strange, since my work communication is 95% chat, emails and phone calls. But it allows me to be around more (and drive far less) for my 6 year old daughter Sequoia.

Other than working, and being a single mom (to a kick ass kid), I care a lot about my health and work out 4-5 days a week (used to do ballet for years as well as swimming), and just generally want to stay in shape.
I am also a music junky. I don't say this lighty....it's my passion, my obsession, my hobby, my part time job. I'm a singer and have been working on several projects since moving here to Portland (check out my cheezy ass myspace music page).
I also try to get to as many shows as I possibly can (which is another wonderful thing about this city).

I have the best group of friends I've ever had in my life here....largely due to LiveJournal. :D

You want to know more....ask. ;)