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6 Years Old

Sequoia turned 6 years old today.
It still amazes me that its been this long. It still amazes me that I gave birth to her. 
I'm trying not to feel older than I am, although watching the excitement on her face when she opened up her MP3 player this week, and having her be like,
"Mom here is what I need you to put on my Mp3 player.....Fiona, Ani DiFranco, Band of Horses, Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon, Andrew Bird, and Nirvana."
That definitely made me feel a little old. Haha. It also made me smile. I'm pretty damn lucky, as hard as things are sometimes. She makes everyday worth living.

Happy Birthday my little tree.


Gmail Compromised?

I think my gmail account was just compromised.
I can't get in at all. I haven't changed my passwords or anything recently, and I'm entering everything correctly.
The only thing I can think, is that I just signed up for this Coachella news thing with my email.

I just sent gmail one of those "I think my account has been compromised" things.
Does anyone know how long gmail usually takes before they can deal with those issues?


Kid back from Spring Break

Here are some pics my mom took of her while she was in California this past week. I can't believe how tall and lady-like she's getting. She'll be 6 years old in 2 weeks!!!! WTF???? She's also sporting some awesome 80's side hair in the last pic.




Jesus loves me....or something

I just got a call from the Portland Police Department, and somebody mailed my purse in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's missing all the valuables of course. My camera, ipod, cash, and cell. But It's got my wallet, ids, PAYCHECK, and personal items.
The officer was soooo nice too, and felt terrible about my purse being stolen in the first place. Normally they have to go through this process of issuing you a ticket in the mail before you can even pick up your stuff, but he put it through right away for me so that I'll be able to pick it up in the morning.

I feel so blessed this week.
Between the love and support of all my amazing friends, the tickets from typsie and daemonwise , the camera from bellybalt , the new cell phone from my mother, and the 120gig IPOD in my mail (btw....asked my boss up and down and he swears it wasn't him....so I'm still clueless as to who my angel is), and just the general good karma I've had this week.....I'm amazed.

These last few months have been a little rough, and I'm so filled with wonder and appreciation right now that I can't even describe it.

Thanks Friends.
I love you guys more than anything.

AND....Bonnie Raitt will be at the Edgefield on Sept 3rd!!!!! One of my biggest musical influences EVER!!!!


Such good friends

I'm pretty sure I have the most amazing friends ever. Real life and Internetz both.
Thank you twilite_embrace for hugging me while I cried last night.
Thank you marykae  for looking everywhere for my purse and giving me warm hugs.
Thank you katlyn for driving my ass ALL the way to my house in Milwaukie, holding my hand as I cried, then making sure I got inside ok. Thank you bellybalt for checking up on me, then offering me your spare camera.

And the biggest thanks ever to daemonwise and typsie for buying me a ticket to the Decemberists/Andrew Bird show at the Edgefield this July. I have been a little stressed today about finances when thinking about replacing all sorts of shit in my purse. I would have died if I missed that show, and I'm sure it will sell out super fast. So that was the best gift ever.

I seriously feel so fucking lucky to have all these wonderful friends showing me love....AND wishing that whoever stole my purse gets raped by an STD filled monkey, equipped with a 12 inch spiky cock. Ooooo ouch.

I love you guys, more than I can ever say.
Thank You.

Sorry for being a posty-McPosterson today.


Purse replacements...suck ass

List of things I've done:

- Filed police report to get a new cell phone (they won't give you a new one without it...fucking weak)
- Canceled all my shit
- Called boss and had him cancel paycheck (won't get a new one for a few days at least) :(
- Still working on getting the cell canceled and getting a new one
- Picked up kid and car from downtown (no parking ticket thanks to twilite_embrace  )
- Called mom so I could cry about it...and then get annoyed with her when she tells me all the things I need to do today
- Called pharmacy to get new rx for bc
- Checked out DMV, and social security office to see what I need to get new cards

Things stolen in purse which make me want to cry:

- Cell phone (who the fuck remembers numbers anymore?! I don't)
- Camera = $300
- 80gig Ipod = $250
- New Birth Control pills (since my insurance wont cover lost pills) = $80
- $$ in wallet = $65
- New DL = $25
- New Gym Card = $15
- New SSI card = $25

Grand Total = $760  (not including my cute fucking purse and wallet or my new cell phone)

Having purse stolen at the Boiler Room on a Friday night

I was planning on buying my Decemberists/Andrew Bird tickets this morning, as well as taking my kid to get her hair cut. I think that's out now. I pretty much won't be spending money anytime soon. It's not that I don't have any, but my Coachella trip is in a month, as well as Bonnaroo and you know....real life expenses. I'm glad I just got a raise, and that having an ipod and nice camera are luxury items that I can live without (even though both of those things are a huge part of my everyday life).


Music Meme

OK I never post this much, and I don't normally do Memes. But its a MUSIC meme so I had to.
This is from watersaredeep who assigned me the letter E.

1) Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2) List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3) Post them to your journal with these instructions

I'm not going to upload the songs, but here are my letter E songs of the day:

1. Eulogy            - Tool   (still one of my fav Tool songs ever)
2. Even after all - Jack Johnson
3. Even Flow      - Pearl Jam
4. Everest           - Ani DiFranco  (mmm love you Ani)
5. Everlong         - Foo Fighters



So tired. Must...wake...up.


Music Recording

I had my first recording session with a new musician last night, and it was fantastic. I don't remember the last time I really felt that way. Music is my biggest passion, but at times my biggest frustration too. I keep telling myself that it's all great experience, and every meeting, audition, recording is just more experience under my belt. But it's hard sometimes to stay positive about singing when 95% of all musicians are flakes.

So this project is a really unique one. The main guy is a music teacher, and one of those musical genius's since he's got the whole math end of music down. I'm not even sure what the genre would be exactly. I guess sorta rocky/jazzy/and even a little bluesy with an electronic-post-rocky edge.
This is his music site. The strange thing is that he's already recorded with one vocalist on the songs that I'm recording. I kinda hate her voice though. So the songs on here obviously have her voice, and will sound a lot different with mine. The two songs we recorded last night were "Pasha," and "Dreams of Origin."

They're honestly THE most difficult songs I've ever had to sing. They require a lot of breath control, as well as some jazzy improvisation. Almost Opera-like in some parts. Fortunately he said I did awesome and he wants to keep working with me. So yay!
I'll be going to the first band practice on Monday night, so it should be interesting practicing the songs with a full band, as well as seeing how they all work and write together.

In other news, this is my first kid-free weekend in a long time. And thank god for that. Can't wait for typsie 's Girly Girly Slumber party on Sat night!!! I miss all my lovely ladies.


Bird Recap

Such an amazing show last night. Fuck I love you Andrew Bird.
It was awesome seeing him with Kat and Sequoia too. I was so impressed by Sequoia's behavior, and the fact that she did pretty awesome for staying up till midnight. She was exhausted by the end of the show, but did great. oddiophile stopped by and said hello to typsie and I.

Seriously though, Andrew Bird is THE most under appreciated musician of our time. Hands Down. I've never seen anyone else in my life, play a violin, loop it 4 to 5 times, whistle, loop that too, pick up his guitar and sing, all in perfect tune and harmony to his own loops. His band didn't even come out till the 2nd song, and he could have probably done the whole show alone. Amazing. He also had a great opening band from Sweden, Lonely Dear.

More pics under the cut....Collapse )